We have a coffee shop: 1033 Edegely Vaughan

Welcome to Welch Coffee Co – the ultimate destination for those seeking a perfect blend of exceptional coffee and a cozy atmosphere. Located at 1033 Edgeley Blvd in Vaughan, Ontario, our coffee haven is strategically located just steps away from the bustling Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre. But what makes our spot truly distinctive? We’re thrilled to share that Welch Coffee Co has partnered with the renowned Mascot Brewery to bring you a unique and delightful experience.

Your Coffee Escape Awaits

Picture this: a warm and inviting space where the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the excitement of nearby shopping adventures. Welch Coffee Co’s Vaughan location is your go-to destination for a coffee experience like no other.

Easy Directions from Toronto

Finding us from Toronto is a breeze. Simply hop onto the 400 North, continue for approximately 25 kilometers, and take the exit toward Rutherford Road/Regional Road 73. Turn right onto Edgeley Blvd, and in just a short drive, you’ll find Welch Coffee Co on your right.

A Collaboration with Mascot Brewery

What sets Welch Coffee Co apart is our collaboration with the esteemed Mascot Brewery. This partnership brings an extra layer of charm to your visit. Imagine sipping on your favorite coffee creation while surrounded by the rich aromas of roasted beans, knowing that you’re in a space where craftsmanship extends beyond coffee.

Join us at Welch Coffee Co – where great coffee meets convenience, right beside Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, and where our partnership with Mascot Brewery elevates your coffee experience to new heights. Your perfect coffee moment awaits – a harmonious blend of excellent coffee, cozy ambiance, and a touch of craft beer charm. Discover the unique haven that is Welch Coffee Co in Vaughan.

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